Ulis: Humphries has nothing to be sorry about


Teammates support Isaac Humphries after official Pat Adams called a late technical foul on him. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Teammates support Isaac Humphries after official Pat Adams called a late technical foul on him. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Another road loss, another game where Kentucky fans are left wondering about the officiating and this time UK players and coach John Calipari are just as upset as the fans were when UK lost at Kansas.

The Wildcats fell 79-77 in overtime to Texas A&M. In the final minute of overtime, UK freshman Isaac Humphries blocked a shot, got the rebound and then was called for a technical foul for spiking the basketball.

“I was fine. He was celebrating. He was so happy. There was no disrespect to anybody. There was nothing. So, if that’s what they choose to call, what are you going to do?” Calipari said.

“You can be mad or whatever, but I’m not mad at that kid. You kidding me? Great kid.”

Humphries tweeted after the game: “I will learn from this .”

Point guard Tyler  Ulis said Humphries had nothing to feel bad about.

“He kept saying ‘sorry,’ but I just told him, ‘There’s nothing to be sorry about. Disregard it, go make these free throws and they still gotta come down and score.’ They came down and scored. We can’t blame this on Isaac at all. Isaac came in and did a great job and I told him multiple times there’s nothing to be sorry about. He’s still in the locker room saying sorry,” Ulis said.

ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg took to Twitter with his views on the call.

First he posted this: “Bad call. Let the players decide the outcome. Emotion is part of the game.”

A few minutes  later he came back with this: “That action was not unsportsmanlike and after speaking to a number of Officals the feeling is you can pass on that call.”

Guessing most UK fans would agree.



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  1. He is 18 years old and made a mistake…the call was bullcrap..another case of a referee deciding a game..the SEC should suspend this guy.

  2. We lost because we didn’t deserve to win: We lost because 1. Cal took Humphries out too early in first half. 2. We didn’t want to rebound in first half. 3. Cal has a love affair with letting Briscoe shoot jump shots, and I think he was 1-8 out there and has been a disaster away from the rim all year, 4. Lee continues to foul out of most games, 5. Lee misses one on one in regulation, 6. Skal continues to be a bust with rebounding and ball handling, 7. The refs want to continue to call more fouls on us and blow a critical walking violation on A&M last possession, 8. Skal missed 2nd foul shot which would have locked the victory, 9. Willis’s failure to contribute on offense or defense…3 points and 1 board with his minutes, and 10. Humphries’s technical foul. Humphries played a great game and has earned more minutes going down the road. He had 6 pts. and 12 boards in his 20 mins. while Willis had 3 pts. and 1 board with his 20 mins. I don’t normally like to see “one and doners” but will make a big time exception with Skal. Am also looking forward to POY’s finally moving on.

    1. I have not checked the stats but this KY team has to be one of the poorest free throw shooting teams it has ever fielded. This may not be a fair or even an accurate statement but it sure seems that way.

  3. Tyler also said that Isaac realized as he started to slam it that it was a mistake and tried to pull it back. The replay shows that could be true. Isaac went from being the hero to feeling like he cost us the game in a split second. Truth is that failing to rebound/block out cost us the game. Isaac’s rebounding and defense gave us a shot at the win when no other Cat could seem to secure the rebound. Isaac has nothing to hang his head about.

  4. I am very surprised that Cal has been slow to realize the contribution that Hump would have been able to make if he was played sooner and more often. He is going to be so tough next year with the newbies coming in. Ullis my fav on this team this year with Murray a 2nd choice and Hump and Wlllis a tie for 3rd. Biggest underachiever is Skal for sure and POY for his 4 yrs.

  5. That call changed the outcome for the game. It was total bull crap. If the refs had passed on it, Humphries would have been shooting free throws, Just BS. A&M got some luck when they needed it the most.

  6. Unfortunately the players did determine the game’s outcome. Like ’em for not the game has rules and players and coaches are the first ones to complain when rules aren’t followed by the other team. That said, it was a freshman mistake and he will learn from it. This isn’t playground basketball. It’s the NCAA and when you play for an elite team, you can expect added scrutiny from the officials especially when you play for KY. It has always been that way in this league. Officials love to stick their finger in KY’s eye because they know they can. When we play very talented freshman, we more often than not give them the opportunity.

    Still, it was a lousy call but I don’t know what you do about it.

  7. The T wasn’t necessary regardless. We just plan gave it to them. That’s two games that was taken away from us by these zebras.

  8. I am not going to put this loss on anyone person, poor positioning for rebounding really hurt. I thought that as far as the technical on Hump, if it the other team would have done it I would have been hollering for a T. If you watch the last play of the game, the guy that scored the last basket was skals guy to block out. Skal left him to try to block the shot. even though he was being guarded already. Go figure it was a blocking out issue. But its one game . I am more concerned about the ever thinning line up. Willis, is a killer . That boy is playing ball. As far as Poythress in my opinion, I think the flow of the game has gotten better with him out. With Alex, 50 percent of the time he wasn’t a factor, so he is missed but not like Willis, who has just taken it to another level.

  9. UK lost this game on the boards. Nobody for UK seemed to want to rebound, especially the first half. Losing Willis is a big blow. Hump should not have slammed the ball, simple as that. Marcus Lee missing at the FT line on a 1 and 1 right before that was a big factor too. Still UK played hard, the guards anyway. Skal on the floor is a liability. He needs about 50 pounds. Great game if you like nail biters, and your colors are maroon and white.

  10. The loss isn’t devastating folks… get a grip. The insatiable nature of the UK basketball fans strikes again.
    How about a little compassion for Humphries? Kid played one helluva game.

    Thanks for the hard work Hump. Shake it off brother.


  11. nope its not. this team can come back after a loss they have already proven that.

  12. By the way I like the tenacity the Hump is showing. When he clamps on a rebound with those meat hooks, he seldom loses it . Conversely ole Skal needs to do some construction work over the summer or brick laying, strengthen up some. Maybe eat something too , like a side of beef every week.

  13. About time for Cal to, once again, tell us that Skal is getting better.

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