Throwing motion top priority for new UK QB coach


Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)

Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)

It’s easy for new Kentucky quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw to tell you what he looks for in his starting quarterback.

“No. 1, he he has to have a motion and can throw the ball accurately,” he said. “Believe me, I’m very picky with that. If you don’t have that motion … everything else I can fix.

“I can fix your feet and make you somewhat fast, I can can get your hips and your shoulder going in the right direction I can fix your eyes and train you how to read defenses. We spend hours in the film room. I can do a lot of things.

“But the motion, someone has been throwing (the same way) for 20 years of their life, you’re not going to change their motion, you don’t have time. In that situation, that’s the most important thing. There are certain things I’m looking for and if they don’t have them, I’m going to go to the next guy. That’s the most important thing.”

What’s next?

“The next thing is footwork. You’ve got to have great feet,” Hinshaw said. “If you have slow feet, your not going to play in the SEC. You’ve got some big (players) coming after you and you’ve got to be able to move in the pocket.”

But the proper throwing motion is his No. 1 thing and obviously UK quarterbacks Drew Barker and Gunnar Hoak have that because Hinshaw tried to recruit them at Cincinnati. Same for junior college quarterback Stephen Johnson because Hinshaw recruited him after he got to UK.

“I’ve studied the motion for a long time. Looking at the NFL guys, the ones that have success, (that’s) what they all have in common. The ones that didn’t have success didn’t have it in common. Through the process I’ve been able to recruit really good quarterbacks,” Hinshaw said.

“Aaron Rodgers has unbelievable motion. All my film I do everything off of is from Drew Brees. His footwork and I got (film of him) when he was at Purdue doing all the drills. Peyton Manning has a very good motion. Tom Brady has very good motion. That’s what they call them gunslingers.”

“They guys that have success have good motion and that’s why they have good success.”


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  1. The QB position at UK for 2016 is a real nail biter for sure. I hope Hinshaw can strike gold with one of these players. Not sure Drew has it locked up either.

    1. I hear ya LP. From what I understand, every offensive position is open, even the linemen.
      I’m anxious to see if the O-Line still rotates players in and out.

      1. Accountability will be the key to the season. The kids have to perform.

    2. Good thing is Hinshaw knows plenty about Barker and Hoak from Cincy days

  2. We have good competition at QB. Let’s hope this translates into production on the field.

  3. You’re right Andy. But looking at the upper level SEC teams like LSU, Bama, etc; they’re three deep quality in every position. KY is barely one deep in every position and until KY can become at least two deep quality it will depend on over achievers to win games against good SEC teams. Over achieving usually results in injuries in the long term and when that happens, performance drops off. Bottom line is we have to keep our recruiting noses to the grind stone develop players to get at least two deep quality.

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