Texas A&M coach, player postgame quotes

Texas A&M head coach Billy Kennedy 

Opening statement…
“It was a heck of a game, real fortunate to get the win. I was really impressed with Kentucky’s guards. Obviously down the stretch, they made it hard to put them away and I’m proud of our guys for being resilient and hanging tough and fighting and figuring out a way to win. Tyler Davis, what a heck of a play he made at the end and went to the rim like he was supposed to and made a big shot.”
On technical fouls…
“I thought both technicals weren’t very good so it was a little bit different, but I mean if you’re going to call a blocked foul when you think it’s a blocked foul, kid slams a ball on the floor, that’s the rule. That’s a technical foul. You’re going to call a tech on me, running in our huddle and running out when I come back out and I’m wrong and I need a tech. I think as long as they call it right when they see it and what they believe in, I can live with that.”
On being a part of the game’s atmosphere…
“It was thrilling. Obviously, until the end I thought we had pretty good control of the game but I was really impressed with [Tyler] Ulis and [Jamal] Murray, the plays that they made, the special plays and the lob play that they executed down the stretch and their defense was really, really good but we didn’t execute. We had some possessions that weren’t very good offensively that we need to clean up. We were fortunate.”
On A&M and UK going into overtime for consecutive years…
“I hope it’s not overtime next time and I hope we can win. But, I guess it was our turn, it was our turn. I think style of play has a lot to do with it, just defensively and offensively how we both like to play mostly man. We played man the whole game. Our guys, everybody raises a level up when Kentucky comes in and it’s interesting and again I’m proud and excited we won but when you have the Kentucky jersey on, you can see those kids think they’re going to win every game and that’s a credit to John Calipari and what he’s done with the program. That’s what I was really proud of our guys this year, we were resilient and I thought we thought we were going to win the game. We never thought we weren’t going to win the game, that’s why we were fortunate to win.”

Jalen Jones

On Super Bowl MVP Von Miller giving the team a pre-game pep talk…
“It was incredible. I watched him throughout the season and I watched a couple of his highlights on YouTube. Just an incredible athlete and it really meant a lot and he gave us an extra boost of motivation to go out there and play hard.”
On impact of the win moving forward…
“It just means that we’re getting on the steps of being on the right track where we were earlier in the season, how we know we’re a good team and we’re all clicking and doing the right things. We’ve just got to continue to build on this and take it one day at a time.”

Tyler Davis

On his perspective of the last play of the game…
“Once Danuel [House] got the ball, I knew he was going to either shoot it or drive it. He was getting to the basket, he just wasn’t getting some calls. But, I kept my guy on my backside and once he put the shot up, I just had a chance to grab the board and put it back in.”
On emotions during game…
“What was going through my head when we were going into the first overtime, I felt like I was drained from my energy just flowing all night. I was like ‘Dang, I’m drained right now’ but got no choice but to keep playing hard and we did that.”
On Texas A&M team…
“We’re a good team as well, we can play with anybody. I know we can. I just believe in my teammates. I know we can compete with any team in America so whoever we step on the court with, in my mind, I’m ready to go to war with my teammates.”


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  1. We now have 7 losses and many of us did predict somewhere between 8-10 for this crew so guess right on schedule there. Was thinking this morning about how many other coaches out there would have fewer losses with our talent. There will probably be at least 10 or so. Many of our losses are because of poor FT shooting in critical situations, not being able to defend at the rim without fouling, and Cal being so stubborn with thinking he could develop Skal into a post player at the expense of both Willis and Humphries time and development. Cal has also been so stubborn to keep giving Briscoe the green light shooting outside when the man has to be less than 20% from outside. Skal will continue to be the big underachiever of the season. Cal hasn’t missed on too many but did on this one. Skal can shoot a jump shot and get a rebound but a Dud from there. Cal tells him to man up and Skal turns to his feminine side.

    1. I agree with your comments on Skal and Briscoe. Last night’s game made it clear that it is time for UK to move in another direction and accelerate the development of Humphries who has shown immense improvement over this season. UK needs to also move on and look for an opportunity to join the Big 10 where there is better balance between football and basketball, the basketball officiating isn’t so HIGH SCHOOL hometown and officials are smart enough to recognize that principle trumps rules when it comes to making a call that decides the outcome of a game. Last night’s call against Humphries was the worst I have seen in too many years of watching basketball. The only thing positive about SEC membership is the football money, but that perk is not worth the cultural cost to KY.

      1. Good thought on the Big 10…not sure how we can ever retain relevance in SEC in football..especially with current HC.

  2. Briscoe should go by the Geneva Convention for rules of engagement, only shoot when shot at!

  3. Ditto for Charles Mathews, He doesn’t even hit the rim. I find that damn near impossible from a few feet away.

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