Stoops credits current players for recruiting success


Coach StoopsIf Kentucky’s football team had the dissension problems last year that many speculated, coach Mark Stoops says there’s no way UK would have put together what most consider a top 30 recruiting class nationally.

What’s even more surprising about that is that UK is coming off consecutive 5-7 seasons.

“It does say a lot about our potential and what we can do. It says a lot about the guys that we have in this program, our players on campus. 

If they were negative or not into it or dissension that some people try to spin or say, believe me, we wouldn’t have this class,” Stoops said Wednesday.

“The players on your campus are going to help you recruit. When they come in here, we could spin our wheels, do everything, all the song and dances we want for years. When they get on campus, spend time with our players, they’re going to tell them what it’s all about. They’re going to tell them what they believe in in this program, what we’re doing. They’re going to get that vibe.

“So for us to solidify this class and finish it off with the negativity towards the end of the year, I get it, nobody was more pissed than me, it does say a lot. It says a lot about our future.”

Having the work finished at Commonwealth Stadium helped. More facilities will be finished for the 2017 recruiting class to see.

“It’s one thing to show them pictures, one thing to show them the building, but wait till we get the finished product and wait till we start getting to the point where we start winning games like we’re going to win. It tells you the potential and where we’re going to go,” Stoops said.


  1. We have to start winning games and make a bowl if he want our recruiting classes to improve in the SEC. Winning on the field changes a lot.

    1. Winning sure does

  2. I think Coach Stoops has some great new assistants he can trust. I am still keeping the faith.

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