Robic says Georgia should be good opponent for Isaac Humphries tonight


Isaac Humphries (Vicky Graff Photo)

Isaac Humphries (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky fans have been wanting Isaac Humphries to play more and for Tai Wynyard just to play.

Well, UK fans should get one of their wishes tonight against Georgia because UK assistant coach John Robic said Monday his play in last week’s win over Florida — four points, six rebounds, two blocks — earned him more playing time. Wynyard likely will again watch from the bench.

“He played terrifically. He stepped up when the opportunity was there. He did the things exactly what we needed him to do,” Robic said when asked about Humphries.  “Getting back to it today he was solid and it was nice to see that he stuck with it.”

“This would be a good game for Isaac because of their post players. They actually have size in the post. If it was like a Tennessee where they really don’t have a true post, that would be a tough game for Isaac. This is a matchup game that benefits all our bigger players. It just depends on the flow and how he’s actually playing.”

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  1. Ah…my Aussie Baby is might get another chance…maybe Wynyard will too…Cal has all sorts of magic up his sleeve….who will be next?

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