Photographer Vicky Graff loves taking UK photos


Vicky Graff doing what she does best -- shooting photos at a UK game. (Donna Gray Photo)

Vicky Graff doing what she does best — shooting photos at a UK game. (Donna Gray Photo)

For those of you who have followed regularly, you know the name Vicky Graff very well. She’s been taking basketball, football and fan photos for my site for years and travels to games across the country taking photos not only for me but for other media outlets as well.

So who is Vicky Graff? I thought it was time to give you a little more information about her.

“I became a UK fan because I went to UK and went to Memorial Coliseum as a student,” Graff said. “That was such fun. Memorial rocked. When I was in high school I would listen to UK games on the radio. I took my children to UK games when they were young and they all bleed blue.”

She started shooting UK football and basketball games in 1995.

“I shot the Final Four in 1996 (in New York) when Rick Pitino was coach. I have shot all the Final Four games in which UK participated from 1996 to present,” she said.

“Taking photos is so exciting. To be close to the action is exhilarating. I have been to amazing venues like Phog Allen Fieldhouse, Madison Square Garden, The Dean Dome, AT&T Stadium, Pauley Pavillion, Notre Dame, The United Center , Michigan State’s Breslin Arena. I enjoy traveling to different parts of the country. And I love to Fly Delta.”

So what is her favorite sport to shoot? The answer might surprise you.

“My favorite sport to photograph is women’s basketball. My second favorite is women’s gymnastics. Those athletes are remarkable. I am an advocate of women’s sports,” Graff said.

And just in case you are wondering. Dr. Victoria Graff does have a full-time job.

“Most of my patients in my Audiology practice are big UK fans and they always ask for my opinion on the Cats’ season. They will say are you going to the game tonight or Saturday? I have some of my photos of former players in my office The patients enjoy seeing the photos. Luckily I have some competent employees who help run my practice when I am away,” Graff said.

That’s good for us, too, because that allows her to share so many UK photographs with all of us.

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  1. Love her photography work and it was great meeting her at the Darius Miller signing event several years ago.

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