Marcus Lee: “We (Alex Poythress and him) weren’t there today.”

Alex Poythress (Vicky Graff Photo)

Alex Poythress (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here’s what junior Marcus Lee had to say after Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt Saturday.

On what Coach John Calipari was most frustrated with after the game …
“Bigs not contributing. That’s something where we can’t be in and out of games like that. We can’t have foul trouble, we can’t totally zone out the first half, and that’s something we did today. For us to be successful, we have to be on point big-wise the whole game.”

On why today was a day it wasn’t happening …
“I mean, honestly I have no idea why it wasn’t. But we honestly shouldn’t have it – especially for me and Alex. We’re vets, so it falls on our shoulders to set an example and to lead like that, and we weren’t there today.”

On how to mentally approach fixing the bigs’ issues going forward …
“We’ve been working on it a lot, trying to set a basis as bigs. Coming up to this game, we’ve been doing really well as bigs, battling and working really hard. We’ve been really focused, and today just wasn’t – I honestly couldn’t tell you. Today just wasn’t our day as bigs and we have to figure out as quick as possible and not let this be another setback.”

On how much the team missed Derek Willis today …
“I mean he was there, but Derek is a crucial part of our team. He brings something that a lot of our bigs can’t. He spreads out that court wide, especially for Tyler and all of our guards to get in the middle, and he helps everything out. We’re hoping he gets back soon and then we can start rolling again.”

On how Jamal Murray’s play can help keep them in games they shouldn’t be in when the bigs struggle …
“Even though – I’m going to say it, us as bigs played terrible in the first half. Jamal being Jamal put us in a great position at halftime. There’s just some things that happened at the half after that that just took a turn for the worst.”


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  1. If Poy had shown yesterday, there was a good chance we would have won that game. I am not sure I would want to play Vandy again because I feel that would have more confidence than us. Poy not showing on any heart transplant lists so don’t expect anymore out of him. Over the 4 yr. period, I really believe he has lost us more games than he has won.

  2. Mike you need do your math a little more. He’s got his degree and gonna be successful what ever he chooses to do.

    1. Hate to wake you up….I am not talking about his personality or intellectual smarts. I have been harping on his on court performance and under whelming for 4 yrs. now. He should be a leader and a guy the team can count on game after game.

  3. Alex Poythress takes an unfair amount of criticism. It seems the standards are different for players that stay 3 or 4 years now than for players that come and go. Nevertheless, over the course of this season, Poythress has contributed more to this team than Skal, than Briscoe, and in my opinion than Murray, although Murray’s contribution the last 1/3 of the season have notably improved. Yet, Skal and Briscoe are set to move on, to not stay around and develop as players, to not stay around and help advance the long term interests of this program. Like Dakari, and several others before him, moving on is more important than what lies ahead, or what might be possible with more time at UK learning from Coach Calipari. Thank the Heavens that Willie stayed and developed as he did. But, his example is lost on the new recruit, it is only the example of Anthony Davis that the new recruit allows to occupy the inner recesses of his mind.

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