LEX18’s team now includes Larry Vaught

Lexington — Larry Vaught, an award-winning writer who has covered University of Kentucky sports since 1975, is joining LEX18’s team on True Blue Fan coverage beginning Monday, February 15.

‘’Larry is one of the most knowledgable writers you will find covering UK sports,’’ said LEX18 Sports Director Alan Cutler. “He has passion and insight that will be a real benefit for True Blue fans to experience.”

Vaught will contribute his unique spin, ‘’Vaught’s Views,’’  with articles and videos each week on LEX18.com, truebluefan.com and LEX18’s True Blue Fan page on Facebook.

Vaught worked at the Advocate-Messenger in Danville for more than 40 years and became the sports editor in 1996. He now has a syndicated University of Kentucky column appearing in 31 newspapers across the state.

On the radio side, Vaught does a weekday Kentucky Sports Minute for 8 radio stations. He also appears on WLAP Sunday Morning Sports as well as with Tom Leach every Tuesday on The Leach Report. He is also a contributor to Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook.

Many of his awards include being the seven-time winner of the Kentucky Sportswriter of the Year and the first winner of the Tom Hammond Kentucky Sports Media Award. He is also a member of the KHSAA Hall of Fame.

Vaught served as president of the Associated Press Kentucky Sports Writers and was third vice-president of the national Associated Press Sports Editors. In addition, he was named an honorary member of the Kentucky National Guard.

For more information, contact Alan Cutler, LEX 18 Sports Director at acutler@wlex.tv.


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  1. atta boy Larry.

  2. You are a contender, Larry, always have been. That door that was slammed in your face is probably the best thing to have happened to you lately. I know it was hard at the time, but more good things are going to be waiting for you now. You are the best of the best, what all sports journalist should be…ethically, integrity and an all around nice guy. Congrats my friend!

  3. Good for you Larry, happy for you.

  4. Congratulations friend Larry! And I applaud Channel 18 for putting a winner on their team.
    Of course the loser is The Danville-Advocate Messenger.
    As my medical worker daughter used to say about RX’s: “For every upper there’s a downer.”
    Channel 18 UP; Advocate-Messenger DOWN.

  5. I just got to thinking, this site is still going to be here now that you are going ‘semi- big time? I think you good buddy dookie v should help you out too….I’d rather listen to you call a game then him or any of the other talking heads…ah, you, Leach and Pratt! I’d buy that.

  6. Awesome news.

  7. Congratulations to you Larry. Looks like a win/win to me.

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