Kentucky basketball has unique fan in South Africa


When it comes to Kentucky basketball, there are no limits to where you might find a fan.

Take Rev. Cydell LeGrand of Johannesburg, South Africa who describes himself on Twitter as “BBN from Afar.” So how in the world did that come about?

“It may seem strange that a African like myself support the Kentucky Wildcats! I was watching television one day on my local sport channel and your team was playing a team for the university playoff final. I enjoyed the way Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist played as a team, so I further looked into your school,” LeGrand said. “I was amazed by the rich tradition your program has and I have been a fan ever since. Whether the games are on television or if I have to stream them on my Dell computer.”

LeGrand was as puzzled by any UK fan over the technical foul called on Isaac Humpries late in the overtime loss at Texas A&M Saturday.

“He seems like a young man of class!” LeGrand, 46, said.

LeGrand says he supports no other college basketball program except Kentucky that explains why he had picked up that Humphries indeed is a classy youngster.

“I am slowly becoming a fan of college basketball. Our local sports network can play big matches (games) if there is no regional sports played. I looked at Duke versus rival Louisville jn fact,” LeGrand, who also works part-time as a grocer, said.

He’s yet to find another Kentucky fan in South Africa.

“Football (soccer) and rugby are the biggest sports here and we adore Bafana Bafana (South Africa’s national football team). I assume most South African’s support a university basketball team like American’s follow world football … not very much,” LeGrand said.

“My associates find it very strange that I support a university’s basketball program halfway across the world rather than a professional team like the Los Angeles Lakers. I hope they eventually understand.”

Don’t worry. Kentucky fans totally understand.

* * *

If you would like to reach out to LeGrand, you can find him on Twitter at @CydellLeGrand. Also he does not have a UK hat or shirt. Seems to me we need to find a way to change that — ThrowboyTees to hook him up.


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  1. Thank you very much; Mr. Vaught! I appreciate the kind words!

    1. This story has brought a lot of response. If any of you know of other fans like this, just let me know

  2. @cydelllegrand

    I was so happy when I saw this article this morning. Makes me feel good to see UK fans all over the world.

  3. Awesome story

  4. Welcome to BBN Cydelllegrand!!!

  5. Welcome Mr Cydelllegrand, it’s nice to hear that people get it about BBN even if you are half way around our world.
    I was around 9 years old when the Ramsey- Hagan team noticed me conversing with my deaf father.
    They came and got me and took me to the bench to get autographs from all the players and Coach Rupp. I was hooked.
    Another thing that I noticed about the BBN fans about that time was that the BBN fans would give a polite applause to opponent players if they made a good basketball play. That defined sportsmanship.
    So I am so happy you can see these characteristics from as far away as South Africa.

    1. Great comments Claude. Hope you are doing okay.

  6. And I am a BBN member in Kosovo, but for a reason though; I graduated from the UK…

    1. Ridvan I sent you an email. BBN reaches everywhere. Thanks for letting us know Kosovo is also part of BBN

  7. Welcome to the BBN, Mr. LeGrand! We are glad to have you join us in our “fandom!” While your friends there may think you are crazy, please let them know that you are not alone because folks literally around the world are with you in “bleeding blue” for UK basketball! Go CATS!

    1. Great welcome Theresa. Glad to see you commenting again

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