Josh Allen could be key in revamped UK defense next year


Josh Allen (41) could be Jason Hatcher's replacement next season. (Alex Otte Photo)

Josh Allen (41) could be Jason Hatcher’s replacement next season. (Alex Otte Photo)

With the loss of Farrington Huguenin, Cory Johnson, Melvin Lewis, Josh Forrest, Khalid Henderson, Ryan Flannigan, and others to graduation, and the recently announced dismissal of Jason Hatcher due to a reported drug trafficking charge, Kentucky’s defense may be losing some of its defensive prowess in the SEC unless other players step up to fill the roles of those that came before.

In the most recently released depth chart online for UK (released last season), directly behind Hatcher for the linebacker position, Josh Allen was listed. A taller and smaller linebacker in comparison to Hatcher, Allen also has two years less experience (Hatcher would be a senior, Allen would be an upcoming sophomore) than the player he may be replacing.

Allen got limited game experience last season, playing in three games and recording four tackles for the team (one solo tackle and three assisted). With Spring practice quickly approaching, a realigning and testing of the defense may be necessary for Kentucky moving forward.


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  1. Not sure how much he weighs now but he will need to pack on some serious weight. I am sure the coaches can get him there. He has great height and needs to be least 245-250.

    1. According to UK’s bio on him, he’s 6’5 and 210.

  2. Eliot better find some answers quick for the defense.The biggest losses on that list were Melvin and Cory IMO.This definitely represents some big losses on defense. UK always seems to be in some kind of a fix when it comes to football, every stinking year! This year, no proven QB with any experience in the SEC after two leave the program. Big losses on defense, and incoming talent with no game experience at all. The only bright spot I see is the UK secondary. All this good news when facing an absolutely brutal schedule, with true rivals on the road Tell me where I’m wrong.

    1. Agree with all of that Larry P. Just about the time we all think we are catching a break and maybe in line for a bowl eligible team we get blindsided. The second and running back should be our strengths but if we don’t have adequate OL the running situation is hurt. If Stoops doesn’t get bowl eligible this year, I still hope we show him and Eliot the door. Winning that opening game is very critical.

    2. Keep the faith LP. I think we have a JUCO nose guard coming and I’d guess Hatcher’s exit frees up a scholarship. They may be cruising the JUCO rosters as we seek (or type… whatever the case may be).l

      1. Dang it. Meant “as we speek”. Cheesh.

        1. “Speak”.

  3. We have several solid defensive lineman who should be kept at that. Don’t try to make every guy we get a linebacker/defensive end. Lets go 4-3 with the guys we have. We would do well. Bonner is a true de and if Allen is heavier, so is he.

    1. I agree. Got to get that defensive line playing better

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