Joining WLEX-TV, Cutler, Farmer and Craft a special blessing and opportunity


TBF-VAUGHTS-VIEWSWhen I made the decision to leave The Advocate-Messenger after 41 years, I was not sure what the future might hold. I knew I wanted to find work, but only the right kind of work.

Today I couldn’t be happier by WLEX-TV’s decision to let me be part of their online sports coverage. To have a chance to work with Alan Cutler, Keith Farmer and Dorian Craft — the real WLEX-TV sports pros —and the other great folks at the station (especially you Melissa Ratliff) is like a dream come true for me.

I will be writing for three times a week and hopefully being part of a couple of videos per week. The writing will be nothing new since I have written about UK sports for 40 years and will now get the chance to part of the station’s True Blue coverage. The videos — well, Cutler tells me if he can learn how to do it online, then anyone can.

The station already has superb UK coverage. That’s on display every day. What I hope I can add is a different perspective on UK sports that proves interesting to readers.

I like going to some of the major high school basketball showcases in Kentucky to see potential UK players and find out about their backgrounds. I enjoy talking to Kentucky football recruits. I’ve always liked getting to share personal stories from the Kentucky football coaching staff. I enjoy sharing football tailgate experiences fans have. I love talking to celebrities who are UK fans. I want to share fan stories because the passion of UK fans of all ages never ceases to amaze me.

Now when Alan Cutler talks, I really have to listen. (Gary Moyers Photo)

Now when Alan Cutler talks, I really have to listen. (Gary Moyers Photo)

This might also surprise you. I am eager to work with Cutler, a guy I’ve known for a long time — neither one of us really is as old as we look — and am proud to consider a friend. Sure he can be cranky. Sure he can be aggressive. Sure he can be relentless. But I know he’s just a big teddy bear on the inside. And if I ever have a problem, I can just call in an IOU because he still has about 80 bets we made that I won and he never paid off.

But there’s no one I respect more for his work ethic than Cutler.

Farmer is someone I’ve always thought was so, so good at his job. He left Lexington for Louisville and I know WLEX was glad he decided to return to Lexington and he does superb work.

Craft is someone I have got to know in the last year. I love her personality and she just has a knack for clicking with those she interviews. She did a feature recently on the passing of Mercer County football coach Dave Buchanan’s father that brought tears to my eyes.

Finally, thanks to so many of you not only for the kind words today, but for finding ways to ready my stories and columns over the years and putting me in this position. You can still read me here. You can still hear me on the radio. But going forward you can also find my work at


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  1. Congrats Larry.

  2. Way to go, Larry.

  3. This has the makings of a tremendous partnership for all involved, especially the fan base.

    Congratulations Larry!

  4. This makes me very happy and you deserve it and so much more, Larry. Would you please tell Keith Farmer to come back to Lexington West…the only real and good sports guy we had here.

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