John Robic breaks down Georgia’s defense, offense


Tyler Ulis will try to get inside the Georgia defense tonight. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Tyler Ulis will try to get inside the Georgia defense tonight. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky associate coach John Robic said not only does Georgia, tonight’s UK opponent, defend the 3-point line well but it also defends inside well, too.

“They really don’t overextend defensively, man-to-man wise. Sort of more like a pack-line defense, packing it in, which we’ve seen a bunch of this year and we’re doing a good job with that,” Robic said Monday.

“But they will also sprinkle in a couple different types of zones, so they’re going to try to keep you off balance from what they do. Just really solid defensively play the ball well. Been impressed with what we’ve watched on tape.”

Robic said it’s no surprise that coach Mark Fox has a team that is solid on both ends of the court since all his teams are that way.

“They really execute offensively how he wants to play. A little bit more of a pattern-type team with reads off certain plays. They’ve gone this year with this lineup. They’ve had a little bit more ball screen action because of the three guards they’re playing: (J.J.) Frazier, (Charles) Mann and (Kenny) Gaines together a lot,” Robic said.

“I think the difference on this year’s team as opposed to the last couple years is that they don’t have that No. 4 man that can step out like a (Nemi) Djurisic did last year. That was a threat from 3 so the ball’s in the hands of their guards a lot.

“But (Yante) Maten, boy has he gotten better. Putting up great numbers. You can see his confidence level is really high. He’s gotten good and he gives them a solid low-post threat.”

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