Guest post: Take time to appreciate Tyler Ulis now


Tyler Ulis (Vicky Graff Photo)

Tyler Ulis (Vicky Graff Photo)

Point guard is a position on a basketball team that runs the floor, sets up plays and gets the ball into his men for a basket. He probably has the most specialized job on the team and the most responsibility.

Who would you turn over complete control to one person for an entire game offensively: UK, Cal, Robic or Payne?

When you have Tyler Ulis, whom it has been said knows more about basketball than anyone else on the team including maybe the coaches, you can think about it. The coaches are confident with Tyler and how he will run the team. We saw that yesterday when Cal was ejected and Tyler took complete control, except for an occasional suggestion from Kenny Payne.

How many programs would be this confident in one player to let him take as much control as he has? How many programs would have as much confidence in one player as this one has? It speaks highly of Ulis that his teammates, no matter the level of talent, the age or class, listen to him very intently. We are seeing history being made, not with losses or wins, but with the intelligence of one player.

We know there is more to Tyler than basketball IQ but unfortunately that is all the fans are worried about right now. Will it take us to the end of the Big Dance or will we bow out before then?

We hope we bring it all home, but until the time I am going to sit in awe and watch one of the greatest point guards to run up and down the floor. I have three favorites: Magic, Pistol Pete and Lil Louie. And yes I feel comfortably calling them by their nicknames and everyone knows who I am talking about.

One day Tyler will have one that everyone will recognize. Many call him The General, I don’t like that because it reminds me of someone else and he is so much better than that person.

Go Cats!


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  1. We are watching a very, very special person and Cat!!! I’m a huge fan of the person and player!


  2. Linda, i couldn’t said it any better. He’s fun to watch and this team has made strides since that Tennessee loss. Tyler name should be in conversation for National player of the year.His basketball IQ is one for the books makes everything looked easy. Had he been playing the game against Wisconsin in the final four instead of the Harrison boys that no.9 would be hanging right now, just my opinion .

  3. Ulis is a fabulous leader on offense for sure. We all know that. But some people don’t recognize that he’s maybe even smarter on defense. He is the best pickpocket I’ve ever seen in 50 plus years of watching basketball. He just knows exactly where to put his hand so that he takes your dribble right away from you. He is one fabulous player.

    Yes he is more than just a smart player. Those last second daggers he threw up as the shot clock was winding down go straight to the heart of the opposition. They play hard on defense for 27 seconds and they think they have done their job and then “swish” and UK racks up 3 more points. Ooooh that’s gotta sting!

    He’s not only smart and talented but he has the heart of a lion. Or maybe a Tiger. That’s why I’m hoping the name Tyler “the Tiger” Ulis sticks. It’s a cat name and it matches his fearless approach to the game. I mean come on. The first thing he did when he got on campus was get in the face of DEMARCUS COUSINS!!!! How crazy is that? Boogie can rip people apart like they were made of paper if he wanted (he doesn’t play that way unlike certain USC players named Carrera). But for Tyler to stand face to chest with that beast of a human is just insane. The guy has zero fear. He takes cheap shots in every game and keeps right on ticking.

    He’s busy climbing the rafters of Rupp to hang his number up there. What a player.

  4. Geez King. I’ve been very impressed with Tyler Ulis… both the player and the man. And that was before you enlightened me. On one hand, it’s hard to imagine that the little big man got in the face of Cousins, but on the other hand… that sums everything up rather nicely.
    He is an amazing competitor. In a class all his own.

  5. I think I have always been partial to point guards. They are the brains of the team. This one, also happens to have a little brawn because he won’t back down as King mentioned with Cousins but we have seen him do it on the court at various times also.
    You don’t really expect a PG to be the highest scoring player on the team but this one is many times. Last game 27 points and 12 assists….those assists mean 24 points can be attributed to him also. His value to this team offensively and defensively can’t be measured.
    I think last year Cal got soft keeping Andrew in, he only had one goal, feed the ball to his brother. If Tyler had been in I believe the outcome would have been different. I don’t know who we will do later in the year, but right now there is no one I would rather see play than Tyler. We have 2 other PG’s who have given up their position to Tyler and the are valuable where they are.
    Many times I sit and watch highlight reals of AD, KAT, Cousin or Wall and think what might have been if they stayed and think of all the times they ran up and down the court in a UK uniform watching those same moves….absorb everything you can about Tyler, make it a highlight real you can call up anytime you want to remember what he can do on the court. The boy is remarkable, reminiscent of Pistol Pete in college.

  6. There is a long list of great point guards that have played for the Cats, and I won’t take the time to list them. We may be watching the best of the bunch this year. To me, the essence of a great point guard is that he makes the players around him better. The most amazing stat that I have seen is that in the last four games against conference competition, Tyler has 36 assists against 4 turnovers. That is a 9:1 ratio plus averaging over 20 points a game. That is crazy good. The kid has the heart of a lion, absolutely fearless, anf has eyes in the back of his head. He is fun to watch.

  7. Tyler is clutch and his BB IQ is off the charts. If coach Cal gets ejected, Tyler knows how to run the plays and what specific plays and he is not afraid to call his teammates out. All the other freshman on the team sure have him to lead by example. Tyler is flat out the best PG in college basketball this season.

  8. we just call him the ” Mighty Mite”!! p.s. Tyler for President!!!

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