Guest post: Miles Bridges on dunk, Wiggins, Jarred Vanderbilt

Vaught’s note: Olivia Prewitt is a junior at Danville High School, a contributor and intern with Jennifer Palumbo at WKYT-TV. Here’s a conversation she had with former UK target Miles Bridges, who picked Michigan State over UK.


I appreciate Huntington Prep’s Miles Bridges, a Michigan State signee, taking time out for my quick interview Sunday after his team beat Victory Prep at Pulaski County.

I would also like to mention this guy is a BEAST! In the game I watched Sunday, I felt like he dunked every time I looked up. The entire gym was in awe the whole game! When he came out towards the end, he even got a huge standing ovation.

I’m still slightly bitter he didn’t choose UK,  but I want to wish him the very best of luck at Michigan State!

You can also catch a few minutes from today’s game on my Periscope @_olliemonet_ (skip to 2:40 to see one of his dunks I caught.)

Here’s what he had to say to me after the game.

Question: Earlier you attempted a dunk that didn’t quite go in but managed to shatter the ceiling light when the ball bounced off the rim! You ever done anything like that before?
Bridges: “Nah, no never! That was crazy.”

Queston: What’s it like playing against Jared Vanderbilt, one of the nation’s top juiniors?

Bridges: “He’s great player and a tough player to guard. I love having challenges for games and I like our matchups.”

Question: What type of advice would you give to younger players who hope to one day be in your shoes?
Bridges: Just continue to work hard, just play your game, and really listen to your coach. If you do those things you’re on the right track.

Question: What influenced your decision to commit to Michigan State? 

Bridges: “Distance wise it’s only 45 minutes away from home which makes it more convenient for my family to be able to watch me play. I really loved the coaching staff and everything it had to offer.”

Question: Is it hard to manage keeping up with your school work when you have tournaments so far away, frequently? 

Bridges: “No, we’re lucky enough to have a lady (teacher) travel with us to help us out and she knows what we need to be successful. She knows a lot and keeps all of us focused and we’re all real lucky!”

Question: Do you still keep in contact with former teammate, Andrew Wiggins? 
Bridges: Yeah I still talk to him occasionally. He’s great at always being sure to give me some good advice and keep me motivated. He keeps it real when telling me what I need to work on and I like that.”

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