Guest post: Football practice right around the corner


Drew Barker and Boom Williams are two key offensive players returning for UK. (Alex Otte Photo)

Drew Barker and Boom Williams are two key offensive players returning for UK. (Alex Otte Photo)

In the midst of basketball season, some UK fans still have their eyes on a different prize.

With spring football beginning in early March, and the annual spring game set for April 16th, football is right around the corner and after the “Finish What We Started” Super Bowl commercial, Kentucky football fans have reason to be excited.

The Wildcats will have a tough and full schedule this year, beginning with the Southern Miss Golden Eagles for the first game September 3rd, and the very next week facing the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville.

Mark Stoops confirmed in January that Drew Barker, who threw for 364 yards and started the final two games for Kentucky in the 2015 season, will go into Spring practice as number one on the depth chart. Stephen Johnson II, a junior college transfer with two years of eligibility, is expected to present a significant challenge for Barker and is exactly the type of competition for the quarterback position that new quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw was looking for.

Having some of last season’s stars returning with more experience will be invaluable for this team combined with the fresh talent the team has gained from recruiting. With new uniforms and new faces joining the campus, Kentucky football fans should be prepared to see a whole new team come April 16th.


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  1. Can’t wait.

  2. yuck.

  3. I just can’t wrap my tiny little mind around hearing Stoops post game pressers. Ugh and sigh!

  4. UK faces a daunting schedule in 2016, they better be ready! They face that schedule without a proven QB. I am normally very excited about UK football, but UK has not given football fans much to cheer about for so long I quit counting, especially after the 2015 meltdown against Louisville. I still have not gotten over that loss. I now join the ranks of the “prove it” crowd and wait to see what the future holds. I hope the coaching changes Stoops made, coupled with new talent, can produce some much needed wins. The way I see it, winning is the only formula that will bring real excitement back to this program. Fifteen second super bowl adds and new uniforms are cool, but they don’t win games for you.

    1. Looks like we will see Shannon Dawson across the field running the offense for Southern Miss if the rumor is true. Now that is timing. That could add some excitement.

      1. That could be real interesting.

  5. I’m with your Larry. I want to see what these new coaches are made of. Winter is this huge gap in time where the sun does not shine, it’s cold, there’s no football, no baseball and all the girls are covered from nose to toes with three layers of cloths (I’m just old, not dead!). No wonder January and February are called the suicide months! Can’t wait for spring practice.. I always liked Dawson. I’m not convinced he was given a fair shake or a fair chance. I hope he does well. I got really hosed with my season tickets this coming season. This whole season football ticket thing reminds me of the time share racket. Every year it takes more and more points to get the week you bought until finally the week you actually get is not worth the points you have and then you can’t sell the week to anyone. You end up having to pay someone to take it off your hands. Luckily I wasn’t stupid enough to buy a time share but I did buy season football tickets. Hmmmmmm

  6. Well Jason Hatcher has been arrested on drug trafficking so that’s not such a good start. What is it with him? One bone headed decision after another. Stoops has to send him packing.

    1. Definitely not a good start but hopefully teammates will learn from his mistakes going forward.

  7. Can’t wait to see Johnson play. I don’t think he came clear across the country to sit. I think he starts the spring as #2, but starts the fall as #1!! Go Cats!!

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