Guest post: Cam Newton needs to respect game more, but also be given grace we all need

Vaught’s note: Allison Tamme, the wife of former UK tight end Jacob Tamme, went to Sunday’s Super Bowl in San Francisco. Her husband played twice in the game — once for Indianapolis and once for Denver — and this year his Atlanta Falcons were the only team to beat Carolina before Denver did the same thing Sunday. She has some passionate thoughts on Carolina quarterback Cam Newton and I thought you would enjoy her perspective.


Allison and Jacob Tamme at Sunday's Super Bowl

Allison and Jacob Tamme at Sunday’s Super Bowl

After reading everyone’s thoughts about the Cam Newton situation (at the Super Bowl), I wanted to put my two cents in.

I’m not a Cam Newton fan. I have a great appreciation for humility, especially in sports, and humility is not a personality trait that he possesses. Sunday I watched as (Denver quarterback) Peyton Manning took the field. He walked out in his Broncos issued sweats (the same as all his teammates), nodded to the cheering fans and got to his workout. About 10 minutes later, Cam took the field in a blinged out Superman shirt, gold high top cleats with MVP written on them and took a lap around the entire field. Seriously?

I really want to like Cam, he seems like a decent person off the field. And I’m totally fine with having fun on the field! He should be enjoying the sport he loves. The dancing, the dabbing, I mean who doesn’t love the fun loving nature that goes with his 1000 watt smile

However, what he shouldn’t be doing is disrespecting the game of football. When he is taking selfies during a game, running up and down the sidelines while his own defense is battling, and making his own extra point unit and the opposing team wait for him to finish his celebrations, he is saying that he is bigger than the sport, bigger than his team.

As for the interview walk-off, I get it. Losing the Super Bowl stinks. My husband has lost it… twice. He  obviously was upset. Disappointed would be an understatement. But, as a player you are required to be in front of the media.

People are complaining about the questions he got from the media. Y’all those were gravy questions. They basically asked him to talk about the game and give his analysis. Can you imagine his response if they asked questions like, “Why were you overthrowing your receivers in the first half?”

I’ve also seen people saying he walked off because Chris Harris was being interviewed near him. It was a media room. People are being interviewed all over the place. And apparently the audio everyone is reposting is from a reporter that was standing near Chris. Reporters that were talking to Cam said they could barely hear Chris. I wasn’t there, so I have no idea the truth behind this, but there are always two sides to every story.

And the same is true for everyone giving Cam grief. No one knows why he walked. The great news for Cam is there is grace. Grace I think he should be given as a relatively young quarterback who was on the biggest stage of his career and was obviously not used to losing this season. Except to the Falcons … Had to throw that in there!

I have to believe that if he had it to do over again, he would act differently. Maybe trade in the gold cleats for some black ones like his teammates. Maybe choose to answer a few questions respectfully, take blame where needed and give praise when it’s due. He’s a heck of an athlete and I’m hoping he can be given some grace.

Grace we all need, but don’t deserve.


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  1. Good to see Newton get a taste of old fashion butt kicking. Von Miller spanked him. Travathian did his part to. Made all UK fans proud.

    1. I really like comments here on what Allison had to say. Have to say I agreed with everything she said

      1. Agreed. I suspect that all of us have allowed our mouth or actions to write a check that our butts couldn’t cash. Hard to find grace when self absorption is blocking the way. We live, we learn.

        1. Like that, live and learn

  2. In my opinion in the little world I live in, If you want to dance and do all sorts of gyrations when you are winning and pose for all the cameras when things are going good, then you better damn well be ready to take it when the shoe is on the other foot. I am sure when Carolina was wiping the floor with the Cardinals in the playoffs , and the Cardinals looked across the sidelines during the game and half the team was posing for a team picture while their was time left in the game felt real nice. Or I heard a commentator on the NFL network say “Hey if people don’t like Newton dancing then stop him” Well Denver sure as hell did and the baby couldn’t take it. You know what Cam , just getting you’re way is for little kids. He failed , and they were exposed. Eat it. Think about the opponent on the other sideline next time you want to dance you’re ass off when you are winning. Cam showed no humility in winning and definitely no class in losing. Ok I am done.

  3. Cam Newton reaped what he sowed.

  4. Okay, anyone remember when Peyton lost the SB to the Saints a few years ago ? What did he do? He ran off the field before even congratulating Drew Brees and no one says a word. Double standard. Least Cam walked upto him and congratulated him a big smile. Least Cam Newton admitted he was sore loser.

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