Guest post: Boogie Man was immediately heartbroken by mishap


“It was an accident.  I wish I knew her name so I can apologize. I am sorry.”

These were the words uttered from Darren Moscoe, also known as UK Boogie Man, after his mishap at Tuesday’s Kentucky-Georgia game when during his traditional dance routine he picked up a 10-year-old fan and then dropped her when he fell. The mishap made ESPN and even FoxNews.

Following the John Calipari postgame radio show I encountered Darren alone in the lobby of the Hyatt.  There was no doubt he was extremely remorseful and heartbroken by what transpired during his now infamous “Monie Monie” dance.

With tears streaming down his face he made it very clear he wanted to get a heartfelt apology to the girl and her family.  As you can see in the video that I did with him, this is a man who was caught up in the excitement of the game and clearly knows he made a mistake.

In talking with Darren further he dropped to the couch overwhelmed with emotion and concern for the girl.  At this point he probably did not know a video of him and the girl tumbling down the concrete steps was already featured on national television, but one thing he did know for sure; the fate of his dancing was now in question and the critics are voicing their opinions loudly.
If you listened to Kentucky Sports Radio the past couple days or checked out the comments on Twitter, whether UK Boogie Man should be allowed to dance has become the hot topic.  Whatever the outcome may be just remember how remorseful Darren is, how relieved he is the young girl was not hurt and how much he hopes he can continue dancing while supporting his beloved Wildcats at Rupp Arena.

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  1. Sure am glad that nobody was hurt, but feel bad for Darren.

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