Frank Martin on Cats: “They just kicked our tails.”


Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)

South Carolina coach Frank Martin is blunt honest. He doesn’t mince words about his team or opponents.

That didn’t change after Kentucky dismantled his team 89-62 Saturday in Columbia, S.C.

“They came in here to make a point, that they continue to be the best team in this conference,” USC coach Frank Martin said. “They just kicked our tails. That was just a good old-fashioned butt-whoopin.”

They did despite having several players in early foul trouble and coach John Calipari getting ejected less than three minutes into the game.

South Carolina was coming off wins over Texas A&M and LSU, two of the SEC’s best team. But maybe the loss was not all that stunning since the game before South Carolina lost at Georgia, a team that UK routed on Tuesday.

Martin felt his team’s problems started Friday.

“Yesterday was not one of our better days,” Martin said. “Very sloppy, turned it over a lot, listless. You get an opportunity to play a team like Kentucky, you can’t prepare that way.”

Martin hopes his battered team can come back and keep itself in contention for the SEC title and NCAA Tournament berth.

“We’ll walk proudly with two big black eyes around school tomorrow … and hopefully get back to things we’ve done pretty good most of the year,” he said.


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  1. Yes they did Frank, in spite of being on the road, in spite of a hostile engaged crowd , in spite of their coach being ejected and last but not least , in spite of Greene and Sermons , the 2 of 3 officials looking like they were on the take.

  2. Coach Martin is a great coach. He told the truth about that game. He has USC doing some good things these days. They just ran into UK at the wrong time.

  3. I could have sworn that I saw Martin being amazed at the calls going his way and not all that happy about it. The SEC does not like UK winning all the time. Think about it. You have all the other schools and then UK. UK wins all the time or almost all of the time. The other teams would like to have some success too. But like the great UK teams have always done they went on the road and kicked their cocky rears.

    Believe it or not games on the road in the SEC were much worse than they are now. Back when there was very little national coverage and there was no such thing as ESPN the various networks that covered UK basketball would show games on the road and it as astonishing how things went. No matter what UK’s best player would have 2 fouls within the first 2 minutes. They called fouls on players standing 2 feet from the people they supposedly fouled. Teams took out the legs of UK players, they elbowed, they kicked and they punched and they gouged. And the league didn’t care because no one saw it but the hometown fans and UK fans. It wasn’t until tv coverage went national that things changed.

    That same change brought about another important factor. Teams really wanted to win so they could get some of that big tv money. Losers didn’t play on tv. But before that only the super talented ever played on tv in the SEC outside of UK anyway. I remember that even teams like the 1970 team barely got on tv except during the tournament and then only sparingly. Issel rarely played on tv. Pistol Pete was even more of a stranger to tv. At least for national tv anyway. When they showed UK play LSU that year during the regular season it was an extremely rare thing to do.

    TV made the calls get better but it made the competition tougher. Now the league doesn’t seem to care what people think. They developed more sophisticated ways to slant the calls. But they still slant calls sometimes even going against UK in Rupp. They still use SEC refs at Rupp. And the SEC votes as a whole on who gets to be a ref. Think about who they would vote for. Wonder why Greene and Shows and some others are still around? It’s not hard to figure out.

    1. I forgot to add that even though the calls were horrible against UK in those old days they still won because they were way better than the other teams. Times haven’t changed much.

      1. Well UK didn’t have guys get a foul called on them from 2 feet away from there man, but it was getting close to that. That was beyond ticky tack foul calling. You talk about trying to hamstring a team or its big men. I found it totally amazing South Carolina good do anything they damn well pleased on the interior and UK would damn near be just standing there . Whistle. B>S>

  4. “We’ll walk proudly with two black eyes”… gotta love this guy.

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