Former UK player’s wife would like football team to worry more about being relevant on the field than with new uniforms


uniformKentucky has unveiled new football uniforms as well as new logos that some like, some don’t. I got an e-mail from the wife of a former football player — who asked not to be identified so UK officials would not be upset with her — and she is not a fan of the new uniforms at all.

“My first reaction was sadness. The more I’ve thought about it I’m mad and embarrassed.  I understand that Coach Stoops feels the need to change the culture and mindset of UK football since we do not have a storied program.  Can he not do it in an original fashion?” she said.

“It really bothered me when we added the checkerboard to the uniforms and then the field.  I get that it is supposed to represent jockey silks.  The problem with that is that it looks an awful lot like we’re copying the University of Tennessee.  I’m sure this is even more of a fact for all the people who don’t follow UK and don’t get the press releases to know the story behind it.  There are plenty of other jockey silk patterns we could’ve pulled from to instill that vibe.

“Staying on the topic of copying Tennessee let’s visit the power K the band does.  I think I’ve heard the announcer say something about they’ve brought it back.  For anybody who hasn’t followed the football program for years it looks like we’re copying Tennessee again.  I can totally over look this one but it’s another example to prove the point I’m trying to make.  In and of itself it’s not a big deal but add it to the others and well …..”

Wait. She’s just getting started.

“Next let’s finally talk about the new unis.  The wildcat on the pants is really cool but our attempt is pitiful!  It looks like a cross between the Northwestern wildcat and the Kansas State wildcat.  The part that makes it so bad is the controversy we had with Kansas State over the block K that led to us now using the UK.  Heck, the new wildcat even looks a tad bit like we’ve used the Oregon State beaver and crossed it with the Washington State cougar for a bit of inspiration,” she said.

Wait. There’s one more “rant” on the new K Club log.

“Am I the only one, that upon first glance, sees the PAC 12 logo?  It really bothers me that for the student-athletes who gave their blood, sweat and tears to be apart of the athletic programs at UK, an SEC school, that once they  become alums this is the best representation they get. I could rant on that subject all day,” she said.

“Change is an inevitable part of life.  Change can lead to many positive outcomes.  I guess I’m concerned we’re not trying to be original.  That we’re saying there’s nothing special enough about us to stand on our own so we have to copy others.  This is very sad to me.

“I get that we’re trying to be flashy and stand out to lure players.  It seems to me we’re doing a lot of ‘fluff’ type things but not following through on the substance.  The meat of the matter is we need to produce on the field.  Our recruiting class is ranked 29th in country.  YAY!!  We’re still 12th in the SEC.

“New uniforms are wonderful and something fans can spend money on trying to be current.  How about being relevant where it truly counts, on the football field?”


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  1. You can thank Nike for all the unoriginality.
    They re-use alot of their logos and artwork. Look at Houston and others.
    I agree, we should try to be unique in all our branding.
    I hate to say this but ul has always had better logos.
    Our best logo was the clawing cat with the “obscene” tongue.

  2. I agree with everything she said. There was nothing wrong with the football uniforms they had. What they need are more wins on the field That development will attract a whole lot more able bodies on the recruiting side than shiny new unis. Also, how about sticking with UK tradition instead of trying to copying everybody else? This is just a lot of nonsense, and another way to spend thousands of dollars that is unnecessary. However, if these new duds will help them play better, go for it, but I doubt it.

  3. I disagree with her post completely. Let the kids live alright? The new uniforms IMO are a way of keeping up the times. Every school does it, if UK didn’t then i am sure people would be saying we don’t keep up with the times so basically damned if you and damned if you don’t.

    1. The kids are living pretty good Andy. They are getting a free ride. This would not even be an issue if the guys running this program would put all their effort in putting a winning product on the field instead of worrying about new uniforms. What is wrong with what they had? Personally what I saw of these so called new unis looked goofy.

  4. don’t you think it is more of a NIKE decision about the uniforms? Just like the gawd awful new logo…a Nike thing…now that upsets me, generic, no personality, no character, looks like a lot of other ones. This is what nike means to me now….generic, common, ordinary, general, nothing special, unexceptional, nondescript, uninteresting, unremarkable, plain, run of the mill, typical, routine, mundane,mediocre, average, dull, commonplace, boring, unexciting, humdrum, dreary, etc. That logo looks too much like other ones. someone asked if I would rather have Adidas…well, loservilles logo is never any of those things above, it is ugly, anything about loserville is ugly but at least it looks like a dirty red bird. Would you want the players to design the uniforms like they did in the 90’s for basketball….those were some awful looking uniforms. I have resigned myself to the fact that uniforms are going to be what is ‘new, ugly and what the kids like’, but for heavens sake, leave the logo alone.

  5. I agree with most of what she has to say. The new school logos are ridiculous and destroy a link between current and former students, be they former student-athletes or regular student body. It’s a decision many schools are moving toward to make things more modern but I don’t see where she has a complaint about the Letterman’s Association logo. No idea if you actually read any of this Larry but feel free to pass along my contact information and I’ll be happy to explain to her why we felt we had to change our logo. As someone sitting on the board who made that decision, I (and any executive board members of the K Men’s Club) are always happy to talk to the membership about our decisions.

    1. Will do Beth Brown. And you know I always read your stuff!!!

  6. Seriously, folk? Who care what they wear if they win? I know I don’t.

    1. Just win baby!!!

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