Former Louisville star Rodney McCray talks to his players daily about life lessons


Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo

Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo

SOMERSET — Former Louisville and NBA standout Rodney McCray says the recent problems at Louisville — and the self-imposed ban on postseason play this season “hit home deep” with him.

“I hope they can get through it,” McCray said Sunday after coaching Victory Prep (Houston) in The Grind Session at Pulaski County High School. “I don’t know any particulars. I just get it off the news. I just feel bad for the players who are there now who weren’t attending the university when the alleged incidents happened.”

He’s not defending Louisville because he does not know enough about the alleged prostitution incidents or possibly other things that led to Louisville taking the postseason ban.

“You are asking coaches and people to police these guys 24/7 and it just can’t happen. That’s why you see some universities look for not only quality athletes and players, but just quality people and how they handle themselves and act accordingly. This is just unfortunate,” McCray said.

He says he talks to his players daily about doing the right things.

“They ask questions about how do you feel when people recognize you or speak highly of you. I tell them it lets you know you did the right thing for a long time and carried yourself the right way, played hard and stayed out of trouble,” McCray said.

“I have an excellent assistant coach in (former NBA player) Moochie Norris. We have both played at the highest level and seen a whole lot on teams we have been on and played against. We try to tell them we have seen about everything can see during our careers and hopefully they are listening.

“Sometimes you hate to say it, but people got to go through things before they realize that people giving them sound advice know what they are talking about. Hopefully it won’t be anything really, really deep but sometimes the best course of action is to go through things sometimes.”

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