Firecrackers entertain Rupp crowd at halftime

Once again the Firecrackers, a jump rope team out of Ohio, dazzled the Rupp Arena fans Saturday with their halftime show. The girls, ranging in age from third to eighth grade, got a standing ovation from the fans and deserved it.

The Firecrackers were originally scheduled to perform earlier at Rupp but weather cancelled their appearance. This was a surprise for fans who did not know the Firecrackers had been rescheduled.

The group praised not only UK fans, but also UK administrators for providing goodie bags for the girls, sending a bus to pick them up and take them home, and allowing parents of the girls to buy tickets to the games.

And you might notice some post-show photos provided by the Firecrackers on their way home. The girls have a tradition of becoming coneheads on the way home by putting water bottles under their hair.

Enjoy these photos from the show.

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