Despite loss, Calipari “can’t be mad” at this team


John Calipari said Sunday he wasn't mad at his team over Saturday night's loss. (Vicky Graff Photo)

John Calipari said Sunday he wasn’t mad at his team over Saturday night’s loss. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Wonder how Kentucky coach John Calipari dealt with Saturday night’s controversial to Texas A&M in overtime that left UK  leading the Southeastern Conference by one game over LSU, South Carolina and Texas A&M.

Kentucky freshman Isaac Humphries got hit with a technical foul with less than 10 seconds left in overtime after he blocked a shot and grabbed a rebound with UK ahead by one point and slammed the ball to the floor to celebrate. That enabled Texas A&M to rally and win.

During a five-minute span, Calipari posted these messages — in order — on Twitter Sunday.

Tweet 1: “Players couldn’t understand why I wasn’t mad about the loss yesterday. They’ve never seen me this way after a game like that.”

Tweet 2: “It’s really simple: I feel really good about the game because our kids fought.”

Tweet 3: “They fought and put us in a position to win and things happened out of their control. Can’t be mad at that.”

Tweet 4: “We’re getting better. Now we have to figure out, if Derek (Willis) can’t play, how do we play?”

Willis went down in the second half with an ankle injury and is likely to be out several weeks. Kentucky has four regular-season games left and then the SEC Tournament before NCAA play starts.


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  1. I kinda feel like someone broke into my house and stole my least favorite tee shirt.
    Sure, I know I have better than what was taken, but still feel violated.

  2. What doesn’t brake You….Will make you Stronger ! …. Coach Cal, get thrown out in S. Carolina…Humphries get T’d up and it cost Kentucky the Game. The Players stood Strong for Coach Cal and Coach Cal is now stand strong for Our Players. ” We truly have a Team on a Mission, IMO…Injuries, fouls, technicals, ” Bring It ” The KENTUCKY BASKETBALL TEAM and BBN are swarming…There’s a Storm Coming, and UK will benefit from these blatant bias’s…

  3. This is starting to look like a hard luck team. It would be a total shame to have turned the team around the way they did only to have it turn on a twisted ankle. I know that injury is very painful. I’d love to see Alex come back and play with the fire Willis had. He was a rebounding machine IMO and he played solid defense most of the time. Mainly he showed up to play every game. I hope others can learn from his example.

    I would truly love to see this team win it all after all the bad luck they’ve had. Injuries can rob your team of greatness. I’m still smarting over Mike Casey breaking his leg if that tells you anything. That was 1969. Many thought he was the go to guy on that team instead of that other guy named Issel. The team still did extremely well only to have a game stolen from them (a familiar theme) by refs that allowed a dirty play to repeatedly pay off for Jacksonville St. Cat fans have a long memory I guess. But when you see your team lose because of something cheesy like a last second technical or a midget guard hiding behind your big man so he would trip over him when he turned to run down the floor and the refs repeatedly called a foul on that big man, it makes you wonder about the integrity of the game.

    Rupp always taught that UK was the one place above all that kind of nonsense and he was right. And the one thing the media types hate is someone that plays clean and wins. They prefer people more like they are to win – sleazy types. And as always Larry V is the exception to this rule.

  4. ” Well Said “

  5. This team gives effort. Period. One cannot argue with that.

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