Dale Brown a big hit with WPBK-FM audience


Former LSU coach Dale Brown was at his best this morning during 35 minutes on WPBK (102.9 FM) in Stanford with myself and regular morning show host Tim Estes.

Brown talked about everything from giving out purple and gold basketball nets when he first got to LSU to Shaquille O’Neal to playing Kentucky to his admiration of John Calipari.

Estes said the response to Brown’s morning appearance was overwhelming and sent this to Brown to let him know:

“Our community is still excited about listening to you this morning!  I have received numerous emails and text messages about your interview….people DID NOT want to get out of their cars and go into work at 8:00.  We are a small, close knit community of about 3,000 people in Stanford, but our listener-ship this morning was without a doubt 10 times that … or more,” Estes said.


“For you to take the time and join us on our small station in central Kentucky meant so much to us!  One of our listeners paid a great compliment to you when she said, ‘Not one time did Coach Brown take any credit for the accomplishments of the athletes that you talked about….and that shows the mark of a great man!’

“It truly is amazing at what can get accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit and you get that.  I went to church for many years with a wise older deacon who said ‘you need to do something nice for 2 people each day, but if they find out about it, it doesn’t count.’  I know that you have done so many great things for others, and for that I say thank you”

So do I. Brown was engaging and gave listeners a chance to know a side of him they could not have known when he was coaching.

He immediately responded to Estes’ email.

“Tim, thank you so very much for your most gracious comments. It was a pleasure visiting with you and Larry today because of the depth of your questions,” Brown said. “Please thank all your listeners for their comments about the show. I look forward to meeting you next week in Lexington. God bless you Tim.”

Brown volunteered me to buy lunch for him and Estes next Saturday before UK hosts LSU, a game he will attend along with several friends.

And no matter what that might cost me, it will be worth every penny to spend more time with a man I’ve been proud to call a friend for many years.


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  1. Always liked Dale Brown. A class act that marched to the beat of his own drum. And that’s not an easy combination to pull off.

  2. THAT was a great article….it made me smile as I read it !!! Thanks Larry …. Mahalo

  3. Great article. Dale Brown is a great coach, and a good man.

  4. Dale really is. WPBK has show archived on its website if anyone would like to listen

    1. And listen I will. You’re a fine man Larry Vaught.

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