Calipari’s update on Alex Poythress’ knee

Kentucky senior forward Alex Poythress missed Saturday’s game with Florida due to pain in his knee.

After the game Kentucky coach John Calipari said he was not sure about his status and that he would have an X-ray Sunday.

“He’s day to day. I doubt he practices today,” Calipari said Monday on the SEC coaches’ teleconference. “He had the swelling on the knee.

“They took an X-ray, I don’t think the X-ray showed anything. But there’s some reason it is, so it’ll be day to day.”


  1. Robic sounded a little confident that Alex would be ready to play. Apparently some others including Cal are not so sure. Put me in the camp that says ¨I´m not so sure that Alex wants to play or is any hurry to get back. I will take my chances with the Hump.

  2. swelling in the knee? Hardly sounds like a contrived excuse, and given his knee injury history, pain coupled with swelling would give Alex a moment pause before returning to the floor, don’t you think?

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