Calipari continues “trying different buttons different ways”


John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)

After Kentucky blew a 21-point first half lead and lost at Tennessee, Kentucky coach John Calipari said his team and staff had some “soul searching” to do.

Friday he said it was more self-evaluating than soul searching going into Saturday’s game with Florida.

“You’ve gotta look at yourself. I mean, as a coach I’ve gotta look at myself and just say, ‘OK, what are we doing? How are we doing it? Is there a better way of doing it?’ You’ve gotta ask questions and sometimes you’ve gotta ask yourself a different question than you did last week,” Calipari said.

“So, as I look at this and they look at this, I come back to, ‘OK, I’ve gotta zero in on what we have to have to win.’ And then the other side of it, for me, is challenging these guys, holding the bar high and doing it in a way that gets something out of it. And that means you’re trying different buttons different ways.

“This is a game-to-game thing for us. I’ve gotta worry about Florida. I’m not worried about the last game. I’m not worried about next game. Let’s just play well this game. If that’s not good enough, we move on to the next game.”


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  1. Play Humphries and Wynyard Coach. Especially when the stars are not playing well. When will these guys get their chance? There is noo inside game at all for UK with any consistency, and been that way all year. Wynyard is probably asking why did I come here? Big mystery. UT put it in gear and whipped UK after UK blew a big lead, hard to watch and take.

    1. Hello there friend. Had to change my VV nickname. It wouldn’t take my Norman Inestine?
      I don’t worry much about Cal. He’s done some amazing stuff since he’s been here. It’ll be okay.

      Take care and God Bless LP.

      1. He has indeed Norman. Been wondering where you were my friend. So glad you are now back with us UK fanatics. I would just like to see Wynyard get a look. When they went through the line at UT to shake hands after the game, Tai was behind a UK starter, I’ll not name the starter, and was kind of shaking his head in a manner that indicated he was none to happy. Perhaps it was due to a devastating loss, but it could have been a face that was unhappy for a lack of playing time. I don’t know if anyone else caught this, but it was obvious. I know Cal is the man. There is no doubt about that. God bless U too my brother.

        1. That’s interesting LP. Let’s see what happens today now that Poythress is out.

  2. it’s game to game for me too…..of course I am not a coach, but what would it hurt to put Wynyard in….he was suppose to be the savior of this team and we haven’t seen him yet. He couldn’t do worse than 2 pts a game and i bet he won’t drop as many balls as another player has been doing. Humphries needs a little time to play too. I bet he wouldn’t drop the ball either. I bet both of them would go after offensive rebounds and pick their feet up when they are playing instead of shuffling along….I’m not a coach, I don’t know what I’m talking aboug…I just like to see a good game with some good players trying the hardest to win.

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