Boogie Man’s fall got variety of responses from UK fans


Darren Moscoe with Anna Palumbo at the UK-Florida game. (Jennifer Palumbo Photo)

Darren Moscoe has been a fan favorite in Rupp Arena. (Jennifer Palumbo Photo)

Kentucky’s rout of Florida Tuesday night almost became secondary story in Rupp Arena when the “Boogie Man” picked up a young UK female fan during his dancing routine and both took a tumble down the steps and hit the concrete in a pile.

Darren Moscoe of Frankfort always seems to show up at the second half timeout when UK plays the Tommy James hit, Mony Mony, and has his own special dance routine down the steps in the lower arena that most fans have come to enjoy.

His story has been well documented both in print and on TV. He was 10 when seizures began. Doctors determined he had epilepsy. He ended up being dismissed from public school and spent time at a state psychiatric hospital. Later he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. He survived the surgery and chemotherapy and then the seizures stopped about 1995.

He has a Kentucky bedroom decorated with UK photos and other items. He wears UK clothes almost every day.

Once he started finding a way to get into UK games, he began dancing and became known to many as the Dancing Man.

Then came Tuesday’s mishap that ended with the fall featured on ESPN and fans wondering if he should be allowed to dance at Rupp again.

A friend, Lacy Robinson, ran into Moscoe after the game in the Hyatt lobby and got a video of his tearful apology that I posted on Twitter. It was obvious he was  upset.

Bailey Hubbard (@bailey_hubbard) posted on Twitter that “everybody’s hating on him it makes me sad” after seeing the video. Chandler Sizemore (@Chandler_Size) tweeted, “that’s about made me cry” after seeing the video.

Ten-year-old Aubrey Derrickson told WKYT’s Caitlin Centner that someone dared her to dance with him. She has no hard feelings over the fall and doesn’t want the accident to change anything.

“I want him to keep dancing. I don’t want him to stop and I did see the video, the apology, video (by Lacy Robinson) that he posted and that was so sad it really almost made me cry,” Derrickson told Centner.

Kentucky fans had a lot more to say on Twitter about the whole incident. Here’s a few of the other tweets I got and pulled off both from those supporting and some hoping he is not allowed to dance again at Rupp Arena:

everyone has their limitations. Stick with dancing and entertaining…leave the stunting to the cheerleaders”

“sat behind me and my mom at the UK/Mich elite 8 game. Good dude that made a bad decision.”
He has disabilities. Maybe he didn’t react like you or I would. He was inconsolable after.”

met him @ a friends bday party. Very nice. If u want him 2 dance @ yours I have his card ?”
I’m not convinced that (Georgia coach) Mark Fox wouldn’t trade places with Dancing Man tonight”
from a person who has seizure like episodes I sure hope they let him continue to dance!”
“he’s a kind person who loves UK. Would never hurt someone on purpose. His emotions here are genuine”
That should end his run–UK and Rupp don’t need the potential liability. A sideshow that ran a few years too long.”

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  1. It could have been way worse he is lucky it wasn’t. If it was up to me i’d say keep moving and shaking , but don’t pick anyone up anymore. But I am guessing he won’t . That just could have ended real bad. The one thing I also noticed was it sure didn’t seem like people were knocking anyone out of the way to get up and help.

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