UK signee Sacha Killeya-Jones in Somerset tonight


Saccha Killeya-Jones, center, will be playing in Somerset tonight.

Sacha Killeya-Jones, center, will be playing in Somerset tonight.

Kentucky signee Sacha Killeya-Jones, ranked as the nation’s No. 14 senior by 247Sports, is playing at Pulaski County High School in Somerset today at 6  against Josh Jackson, one of the nation’s top ranked unsigned seniors.

His coach at Virginia Episcopal is Curtis Staples, a former standout at Virginia.

“He’ll remind a lot of fans of Anthony Davis. He plays comparably. He can play the two through the five, can face the basket, really shoot it, is a really good athlete to be 6-10. He’s a gym rat, so the kid is improving at a really high pace,” Staples said.

He’s also sometimes been misunderstood. He’s a native of Chapel Hill, N.C., who once envisioned himself as a high-level quarterback. He transferred to Woodberry Forest School in Virginia as a freshman and now plays at Virginia Episcopal School in Virginia.

His mother, Ley Killeya-Jones, says some speculated, and continue to do so, that he left Woodberry because he decided to make basketball his main sport.

“Sacha has always been tall – he was 6-4 as a frosh, 6-7 as a sophomore, 6-9 as a junior and is now almost 6-11. He didn’t have a sudden growth spurt. In fact, we joke that he has been spurting since day 1,” she said. “While it is true that at the time, WFS was a strong football school, the basketball program has been growing by leaps and bounds under the guidance of coach Craig Dawson. Sacha played varsity for Craig as a sophomore and loved him.

“One of the most difficult things about his decision to find another school was leaving Craig and his program. Sacha had made the choice of foregoing football the summer between his freshman and sophomore year and returned to WFS for his sophomore year. He didn’t play football and focused on basketball and later, participated in track and field in the spring.

“Leaving WFS was not a sports-related decision. As a family, we made this decision based on what would be best for Sacha as he completed high school and prepared for college. We did want to make sure whatever school he ended up at had a basketball program that he could play in but that was secondary to other academic and social/cultural characteristics of the schools we considered.

“Lastly, Sacha left WFS in good academic standing. I’ve read in a couple of places that some people are saying he failed out. That is simply not true. He was never asked or forced to leave. In fact, from the Headmaster down, many folks reached out to try to make a return to WFS possible.”

His stock rose dramatically over the summer and he’s having a superb senior season. Kentucky fans who have a chance to see him play today will get to see that and once he gets to UK fans are going to see he’s not only a terrific player, but also an outstanding youngster off the court.

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