Tribute video with Vitale, Cutler, Brown, Maria Montgomery, Montgomery Gentry brought me to tears several times


Let me tell you I was stunned when Tina Cox put on a video at my “retirement” party Friday and the first person on the screen was Dick Vitale with a moving tribute that touched me deeply. I thought, “How could this get any better?” But it did.

Former Miss Kentucky USA Maria Montgomery Record had me near tears with her words. She continues to be an inspiration for everyone here.

Troy coach Neal Brown was someone I watched in middle school, high school and college as a player and now follow as a coach. There’s no one I respect or trust more than  Neal. I did cry a bit as he talked.

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry not only did a video, but did so from the Grand Ole Opry where a few years ago they invited me to be there when they went into the Hall of Fame. Not only that, but they sent several text messages during the night. Amazing!

Finally, my buddy for many, many years — Alan Cutler — closed the video by showing that soft, caring side of himself that not everyone gets to see. Again, he did make me cry.

But the whole night was that way and the pictures at the end of the video that Tina Cox put together, especially the ones with my father, really touched me and she knew to have Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town” playing in the background because that’s the song I want played at my funeral.

I could go on and on … and probably will.

But hopefully you’ll enjoy this video just a little bit as much as I did Friday night.


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  1. Larry :
    you are an old softie ,but a great guy just the same..It was a tremendous event and showed how much your hometown appreciates you..God Bless..
    Grover Sales

  2. Larry, Grant up here in Illinois. Larry , To me you are right up their in the conversation with Mr. Wildcat. Larry, sometime ago you had folks who had a an incident next door I called and left you a message at the advocate, and you called me back up here . I really appreciated that and let me say it was an honor to talk to you that day, I mean c’mon talking basketball with Larry Vaught on the phone it doesn’t get any better than that. One time my father and I were inside Memorial when practice was getting ready to start and Mr. Keightley heard we drove from Illinois and got us into practice. I feel like I have had been lucky to have conversation with 2 people who are synonymous with UK Basketball and of UK in general.

  3. This video was awesome Larry V. You are a blessed man to have so many people who love you and call you friend. You truly are a UK great. May the good Lord bless and favor you many years to come with good health and prosperity.

    1. Grant, Larry and Judi: Thanks so much. People like you are why I enjoy what I do

  4. Larry, my friend Sam Kegley introduced me to you, your columns and blog and I am forever grateful. Your articles are written with great compassion and knowledge of the game and people. I wish you continued success and happiness in your new path in life. The accolades you were given at your retirement party were well deserved!!

  5. I have watched every video that has been posted for your tribute but I really enjoyed the Montgomery-Gentry portion of this one, Larry…I skipped over the first part…just can’t listen to that man. I am very happy that I got to meet you in this lifetime, that you felt my writing was good enough to post on your site. You would be surprise how many people I have met that when I tell them my name they know of me and Evil Twin Sister because of you. You have touched so many lives and meant so much to so many Cat fans. I had to hold Evil Twin Sister back, actually had to lock her in the closet to keep her from going to Danville and busting a few chops…
    I sure hope every one of the awards you have received is now resting in your home…if not…let me know….
    Keep on posting….Linda

    1. Thanks Linda. But go back and listen to Dick Vitale. He was very, very gracious with his words

      1. Yes he was Larry, I listened to him before….this video is longer than the first one I saw. You do realize they threw away the mode when they made you? You are the best journalist! More need to aspire to be as good and honest as you are.

        1. Thanks Linda.

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