Stallings believes UK searching for right combinations like a lot of other teams are

Vanderbilt is coming off an impressive win over Tennessee going into Saturday afternoon’s game at Kentucky.

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings said on the SEC coaches teleconference this week that he had not yet watched Kentucky other than when he saw them win at Alabama as he was scouting the Crimson Tide.

“I really don’t even have the right to say this because I have not studied them, but maybe a little bit like a lot of the rest of us in that they’re searching for all of the right guys at the right times to do the right things. Kind of the same thing that we’ve been after, and probably a number of other teams in our league. That would be an impression,” Stallings said three days before UK seemed to find some of that in the win at Arkansas.

“I think they’re terrific defensively. I think that John’s teams are always underrated defensively. I think they’re very, very good on defense. I think they play with great effort and great energy. But again, that’s on a limited viewing. I’m not real good about talking about other people’s teams because I don’t know about their team. I know about my team, but I don’t know about John’s team.”

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