Jamal Murray: “We have to show up, play well and play winning basketball”


Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

From what John Calipari saw during Saturday’s win over Vanderbilt, he felt freshman Jamal Murray made many more winning plays than losing plays — a point Calipari had been emphasizing to him for weeks.

Murray said there would still be “room for improvement” but he was more excited that it’s obvious players are trusting each other more.

“Just holding each other accountable and knowing how good your teammate is. What they’re capable of and holding them to that standard, settling for nothing less. So for now, we have to show up, play well and play winning basketball,” Murray said. 
“I’d say defensively, we had each other’s back more than ever. We helped the post, we switched, we tucked. That helped each other. We’re fine with it. Fine with switching , fine with fighting in the post. I just think helped a lot.”

“We have to get better. We were a lot better right now and even though it was a good game, it’s on to the next one.”

Murray said it was one of the team’s best defensive games if not the best.

“We had each other’s backs, communicated a lot and trusted each other,” Murray said.

The freshman said before the season started that he could guard all five positions. He’s consistently showing he can do that.

“It’s not about changing the game. It’s about adjusting and just trusting each other. Our teammates, they’re fine with me guarding in the post and guarding the ball. So we just have to trust each other and help each other out,” Murray said. “If somebody goes to the post, just know that somebody has my back, and we have the bigs’ back.

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