Find out more about the Firecrackers before they get to Rupp Arena Saturday


The Firecrackers return to Rupp Arena Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

The Firecrackers return to Rupp Arena Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

This year I asked some of the Firecrackers two questions just to give fans a chance to know a little more about them. One, what is their favorite thing to do other than jump rope? Two, what is their favorite thing about being a Firecracker?

Enjoy the answers and get ready for a dazzling performance again Saturday unless the snow/weather makes it impossible for them to get to Rupp:

Danielle Page – 8th grader (5th year Firecracker)
“Craft, all kinds of crafts. Painting, creating, decorating…..”
“Knowing that the experiences I’m having and the friends I’m making will be with me forever.”

Lily Kniskern – 6th grade (2nd year Firecracker)
“Playing cards, euchre and cribbage especially.”
“Being taught that I will get it right if I do it one more time, no matter how many times it takes.”

Ava Staudt – 7th grade (3rd year Firecracker)
“Jumping on my trampoline and hanging out with friends.”
“Traveling to cool places and getting to do it with some of my best friends!”

Zoe Geiss – 6th grade (3rd year Firecracker)
“Watching movies under the warm blankets and drinking hot cocoa with friends and family. :)”  “Performing in front of the crowds, the long car trips to new places and cities bigger than I can imagine, learning about etiquette and making new friends that are like family.”

Maddie O’Brien – 4th grader (1st year Firecracker)
“Playing basketball with my brother and playing with my friends.”
“Making new friends on the team and being people’s brightest part of their day. It is exciting to perform for a bunch of people. When the crowd goes wild, it makes me feel like I’m doing great and they’re having fun!”

Sarah Drees – 5th grader (1st year Firecracker)
“Jumping on my trampoline”
“It’s so much fun & I love that I get to jump rope with my friends every day”.

Haylee Howes – 5th grader (2nd year Firecracker)
“Reading & sewing. My favorite type of book is mystery/suspense. I have a new sewing machine, and right now, I love to make pillowcases for my friends!”
“I love hanging out with my friends, learning a lot about teamwork, and traveling to new and interesting places with fantastic fans!”

Alessandra Vargas – 7th grader (3rd year Firecracker)
“Spending time with friends and family!”
“We are all like one big happy family! We get to do what we love and we get to do it together.”

Sydney Baker – 7th grader (3rd year Firecracker)
“Playing soccer and softball.”
“Having the opportunity to perform in front of large crowds while also learning to be respectful and a team player.”

Camille Mosteller – 5th grader (3rd year Firecracker)
“Getting to spend time with friends and Coach Kelley.”

Sophie Miller – 5th grader (3rd year Firecracker)
“Going swimming with my friends.”
“Getting to see my friends every day.  And that’s not something that everyone gets to do!”

Emily Schowalter – 8th grader (5th year Firecracker)
“Hanging out with friends and watching movies.”
“Performing in front of big crowds and knowing we are making them smile.”

Zoe Lenney – 5th grader (3rd year Firecracker)
“Playing outside with my friends.”
“Getting my friends every day and we have opportunities that no other kid my age has.”

Eden Lenney (Zoe’s sister) – 3rd grader (1st year Firecracker)
“Playing softball.”
“Seeing everyone smiling when we’re performing!”

Cassidy Bolon – 6th grader (3rd year Firecracker)
“Jumping on the trampoline & tumbling.”
“Seeing my friends every day and having the challenge of learning a hard routine & nailing it. I feel like I accomplished something.”

Grace Peters – 7th grader (3rd year Firecracker)
“Jumping on my trampoline with my friends, learning new tricks and making up routines with my friends.”
Getting to travel to so many cool places and getting to perform for thousands of people with my friends! We’re basically sisters because we do so much together”!

Anna Powell – 8th grader (5th year Firecraker)
“Reading and gymnastics.”
“The feeling right after a good performance. Knowing that we gave the crowd the very best we could give. I’m going to miss that.”

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