Calipari: “There’s no milk. There’s no eggs. And 25,000 figured out how to get here.”


Kentucky fans didn't let a near blizzard keep them away from Rupp Arena Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky fans didn’t let a near blizzard keep them away from Rupp Arena Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

One Kentucky official told coach John Calipari he thought maybe 12,000 fans would be at Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt because of the weather. Calipari said he was optimistically hoping for 18,000.

Instead, over 22,000 fans braved the cold and snow to watch Kentucky pound Vanderbilt.

“These knuckleheads figured out how to get here,” Calipari joked. “I have no idea whether they came two days ago because they heard the storm. Whether they were stuck on the highway and walked here, I don’t know.

“I mean, but I walked in and I looked up at (section) 202 or whatever that corner is and it’s packed. Are you kidding me? You’ve got to be crazy. No one’s left their house. There’s no bread on the shelves. There’s no milk. There’s no eggs. And 25,000 figured out how to get here. And they’re going to wait for a radio show. What, are you nuts?”

Freshman Jamal Murray was thankful the fans came.

“We know that Kentucky has the best fans in the country. Glad they came out and supported us and that we got the win for them,” Murray said.


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  1. KingGhidora

    He seems to think this is out of the ordinary for Cat fans. If he sticks around long enough he’ll learn. Just like Eddie Sutton talking about crawling on his hands and knees to Lexington, the fans will pick up a snow shovel and start working their way toward Rupp. We like the game. What can I say? I almost jumped in my truck and drove the 125 miles to Lexington thinking I might get a good seat but then I thought, nah – it will be packed like usual. And tickets in the lower arena will still be $350 a seat or more.

    1. KingGhidora

      I forgot to mention I have a 4WD truck with all sorts of extra features to make it go in the snow or whatever. I wouldn’t suggest what I do for everyone. Not unless someone else has a truck with lots of “go anywhere” features.

  2. Larry Vaught

    Cal knows. Just his way of praising fans. He was feeling pretty swaggy when he said it

    1. KingGhidora

      Yeah we understand Larry. He’s telling the rest of the world what we’re like about our team. It’s always been that way in my life. I remember people waiting for years to get tickets back when scalping was still going big time. Now you get your tickets from the net from what amounts to scalpers. At least you know if you have tickets before driving all the way to Lex. to find out. Just have to be careful which service you use cause some of them cheat a bit and sell fake tickets at times.

      1. Larry Vaught

        Good advice King

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