Calipari: “I’m sick to my stomach” after overtime loss at Kansas

Cal 2Kentucky coach John Calipari knows his team should have won at Kansas instead of losing 90-84 in overtime and did not mince words after the game.

“I’m still hacked off that we lost,” Calipari said. “I’ll probably think of something that was good. We fought. But when you have a chance to win like we did, you choke it – every play is a winning play. It’s not just about missing free throws. OK, we missed, but I showed them tape this week of teams down nine – Virginia, showed them the end of that game. You’re never out of it. Just keep playing.

“It’s all part of the growth of this team and stuff that I have to do,” he continued. “I’ve got a lot of work to do. Really do. A lot of work to do. We were relying on one guy (Tyler Ulis). You can’t play that way, and I couldn’t get him enough of a break. I was going to take him out and the game was so close, he said, ‘Leave me in.’ Derek (Willis) getting in foul trouble really affected us. But I would say if you were watching the game, you’d probably say it was a heckuva game. … But I’m sick to my stomach.”


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  1. Well, we played a great game for about 90% of the game. It is a shame that Tyler had to play all those minutes because he had to have been running on empty at end of game. He played a great game but the 2 turnovers in regulation were very costly. Very surprised that Willis really didn´t appear to be mentally in the game from the start. Our 0-9 3pt. shooting second half will not win many games either. POY continues to only play in spurts when you can tell that he is capable of taking over a game at any minute. He had the 5 quick points and then thought he was a long range shooter. Skal continues to excel at 0 rebounding and Lee continues to have more fouls than pts. or rebounds most of the time. Really amazing that the coaching staff hasn´t been able to teach the bets how to defend without fouling.

  2. That was Soooo winnable in regulation ! ” We just missed shots…”

  3. Yea we should have won it but I like the way how hard we fought.

  4. That open Seldin Jr. 3 pointer in the corner, was our downfall, (How do you leave that guy so open) then we missed three shots. Did Isiah’s free throw misses hurt, ” Of Course They Did.” But We gave Kansas all they could handle in regulation, we just fell short at the wrong TIME, literally…the last 3 minutes !

  5. Anyone else notice Kansas attempted 47 free throws? and UK 22.
    Regardless of that if we make a few of our own, we could have won the game. Our bigs fouling out put us in a huge hole and Skal,- man how in the world do you come up with 0 rebounds? I guess anything is possible. Proud of the fight and if we had a 3 pointer here and there in the 2nd half it could have changed the momentum.

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