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16-year-old Marlana VanHoose sings the National Anthem prior to the UK Hoops win over Mississippi Feb. 2.

16-year-old Marlana VanHoose sang the National Anthem before the UK vs Ole Miss women’s game on  Feb. 2. We thought there would be no better way to get ready for tonight’s game than to enjoy this inspirational youngster’s big moment. Love the reaction from coach Matthew Mitchell after she finishes

video courtesy uksportsinfo

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  1. TrueBlueJohn

    If that doesn’t light your fire, your wood’s wet.

    1. larryvaught

      TrueBlue, it does light your fire. How could it not. Think they should have her at Rupp myself

      1. Lori Metcalf

        They absolutely should have her at Rupp! I can think of about 10 they have had that she could have replaced and been much better. I’m like Gene — I don’t like the frills. It’s not that hard to sing if you don’t get caught up in the hoo-hah.

        1. larryvaught

          she would be perfect for the Vandy game

  2. Gene

    Was in the seats as this young lady sang the anthem.
    I’m not much for the “diva” approach when performing the song. The yodeling and warbelling that these “divas” add make the perceived intent of Key’s poem blurred to say the least but…….
    Ms. VanHoose was better than great. She was awesome !!

  3. LindaS

    That song always bring tears to my eyes, and after watching that it brought even more. What a great performance!

  4. LoveSECFootball

    Absolutely wonderful. I am at a loss for words to describe how I feel after listening to this for the first time. I will play this several times today & over the next few days. This is why Vaught’s Views is so special!

    Larry, I too liked Matthew Mitchell’s reaction. He seems to be a class act!
    You could also see the emotion on some of the players faces during the song.

    Thanks so much for this article!

    1. larryvaught

      everything about that song and young lady was priceless

      1. LoveSECFootball

        I am not sure that all of your readers have heard this with all of the good articles that you have posted the last couple of days. It is now on page two when I pull it up on my computer. Maybe consider reposting it or have Gary put it permanently on your site?

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