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Where’s the national outrage over UConn losing 2 scholarships for APR, 1 for recruiting violations

Vaught’s note: Curious as to why most of you think this has not been a hot topic nationally like Enes Kanter’s status at UK or the Eric Bledsoe academic inquest.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The national champion Connecticut men’s basketball program will lose two scholarships for the upcoming season as a result of a poor Academic Performance Rating from the NCAA.

The APR measures the classroom performance of every Division I student-athlete, composing a score for each team. The national Academic Performance Rating is due out next week, but a link to an internal copy of the report ended up Friday on a UConn chat board. A university official with knowledge of the situation confirmed the numbers in the report, and said the school had been given the link to prepare for next week’s release.

The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the report is not scheduled to be made public until Tuesday.

The rating puts the basketball program’s four-year rating at 893, below the NCAA minimum score of 925. The score for the 2009-10 academic year is 826.

The school had no official comment on the report Friday.

UConn has already been docked one of its 13 scholarships because of NCAA recruiting violations. The loss of scholarships due to the APR report will leave the school with 10 for the next academic year.
The Huskies, who last month announced that forward Jamal Coombs-McDaniel will transfer, have eight players on scholarship for next season. They also have signed one recruit, guard Ryan Boatright from Illinois.

Last year, UConn recorded a four-year APR of 930, including an 844 for the 2008-09 season.
“Eight straight years, we made the APR,” Calhoun said after being lauded by the governor and lawmakers during “Husky Day” at the state Capitol last month. “If because someone left early or didn’t finish, all those various things that get you … when you have 16 kids leave (for the pros) in a 10-year period, you are more likely to be more open to (a low APR) happening.”

A low rating is costly to Calhoun personally. His contract calls for him to donate $100,000 to a UConn scholarship fund if the program doesn’t meet the APR. He also will forfeit his postseason bonus of $87,500, earned during UConn’s run to the national title.

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  1. bryan mceuen

    The world is a funny place to live isn’t it Larry? Go cats!!!

  2. bryan mceuen

    Just read an article that the SEC is considering dropping the two divison format to a regular 18 game format.

  3. Jan in Indiana

    I guess we are just used to it now Larry, I also read that Calhoun is considering retiring, don’t know if he will or not,don’t really care, but would that not be like jumping a sinking ship?

  4. Don V

    I’am sure that Bobby Knight and Jerry Tipton are speaking about this very subject and ESPN will soon have a special.

    1. gmoyers

      It is amazing that the national guys just ignore the UConn mess. Linda, you made perfect sense about the APR. Others just use excuses and get by with it. Guess if it’s not Kentucky to take a shot at, they all just save the bullets to fire at UK later

  5. grant

    where is that blowhard bob knight for all of this? he is missing the party. lets face it there is a bias against uk and calipari like no other school in the country! it just gets old after a while knowing and seeing others run afoul of the ncaa with little or no coverage on a national level. Pathetic! Also, while i am at it, everyone who watches espn knows that they do a segment every week called “outside the lines”.. I wonder if espn will do a an “outside the lines” show for all the juicy stuff going on and have go on at the espn studios over the years. A brand spanking new book is out and telling all. For excerpts go to .. deadspin.com.

  6. LindaS

    According to Foulhoun if someone didn’t finish or left early is what caused his APR to drop? We had 5 leave last year, that same year I believe 5 (2009-2010) were not invited back. This year we are losing 1 plus an ineligible player and we made the APR both years. Makes me wonder if Foulhoun is blaming this on the ones leaving or the ones who stayed and didn’t make the grade. 16 boys leaving for the pros in ten years caused his APR to fall for this last ranking? Am I missing something here? Is he as bad in math as I am? The ones that left Kentucky, have they already be figured into the equation? I hate this stuff, recruiting and all the other pre-season stuff, just give me the season, the games and the excitement when they are running up and down the court! GO CATS! God bless America and her troops! Hello World, glad we are still here so we can see Big Blue Madness and the 2011-12 Wildcats!

  7. Ciprian Zisu

    It is not Kentucky. So there is no steam there. Unfair but true.

  8. bryan mceuen

    It couldn’t be said any better Ciprian Zisu!!!!

  9. King Ghidora

    It’s all so simple really. This stuff is all driven by one thing – ENVY! Yes boys and girls when you’re the top dog everyone wants to take a bite of your heels. The only way they can move up is to drag you down first. And when you’re rolling along with 3 straight #1 recruiting classes and you make a Final 4 run with 6 or 7 players while your All American is declared ineligible a lot of people just can’t stand it. They wannabe UK. All we need to do is say, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya,” and go on our merry way to winning more games and more championships.

    I just read some responses to an article on the CBS sports site and one guy was going on about how the media always had to keep some trouble stirred up just to have something to talk about. He talks about how awful it is and how the big coaches like “Cal the cheater” won’t talk to the low life reporters doing that stuff. I just had to point out to him that he was carry the water of that same media he just put down. I pointed out that Cal not only was cleared by the NCAA of all charges but also he turned in his own superstar knowing what it would do to the team. Some people just have to cook up a reason their school isn’t the best at basketball at all costs. It can’t just be that UK has done a better job. “It’s not fair that they think they should be winners every year,” is a popular refrain from the “We Hate UK” hymn book. It’s a way of life for them. They will put down the Cats every day of their life but the truth is they want to be UK but they aren’t UK. It’s funny how that works. UK is the best and has always been the best (including during the Wooden years when they bought the best team in the country every year – there’s actual proof of that). And what what really burns the media types is the best team is from Backwoods USA when they want more than anything for the UCONN’s and the ACC teams to win it all every year. They have proven that so many times I couldn’t begin to cite them all so I’ll just pick one. They played that special on ESPN about how the Texas Western championship game was the “Brown vs. the Board Of Education” game for college basketball. If Duke had won the first game in the Final 4 instead of UK no one would even know who Texas Western is. If you don’t believe me tell me why no one knows about the 1963 championship game where Loyola started 4 black players and their opponent, Cincinnati, started 3? That was the first time a majority of blacks played in the championship game. The tournament also featured a feverish protest by Miss. St. because they had state laws prohibiting them from playing schools who used black players. They had to play Loyola in the regional semi-final. You would think this would have been a significant event in breaking the color barrier in college basketball but have you ever heard anyone mention it? But ESPN played that special about the Texas Western every year during the spring signing period for many years straight. Now they wouldn’t have been trying to influence black players to stay away from UK would they? Of course not! ;)

  10. King Ghidora

    I forgot to mention that the top ESPN basketball announcer tried to influence coaches into staying away from UK too. It would be the same guy who went on incessantly about the great “character” of a previous UK coach who dragged the program down to depths not seen in 3/4 of a century. The coach who did come to UK has shown himself to have 10 times the good character of that other coach but for some reason that rarely gets mentioned while the good character of that other coach was mentioned endlessly by those who wanted him to stay at UK. And why did they want him to stay? Because he stunk up the place as far as being a coach went and IMO as far as being a person of high moral character went. He never took the blame for anything. He never went out of his way to help people who needed it. He certainly didn’t use his position as coach to influence great causes like the current coach does. But what does the press say endlessly about the coach with the actual high character? They claim he cheats and that he’s a terrible influence on college basketball.

    Envy is such an ugly thing.

    1. gmoyers

      Great stuff King and your final line about envy sums it up perfectly

  11. Larry

    I think it is totally unfair for King G to question the moral character of Tubby Smith…just because he didn’t relish the public relation aspect of being the coach at UK has nothing to do with moral character. Tubby never disrespected the UK program or in any way brought disgrace to it. Please people, lets not be like the national media and fill our comments with statements that are just not accurate….

  12. King Ghidora

    I didn’t base my opinion on what you said Larry. I based it on the fact that Smith always blamed someone else for his failings. It was either the fans, the players, the media or anybody else but him. There are things that were widely reported that he said and did but I can’t substantiate those claims but they don’t seem out of character for him. There were other things too like him buying commercial time throughout the south accusing UK fans of racism in a screed about him and the program. If you want a copy of that video I have an excerpt from it but I do not have the whole thing. I did see the whole thing once and I know what’s in it. But the part I have is enough reason to make anyone realize what I said here is incorrect.

    I really don’t want to go into this here. It’s over. But if you provide me with a place to post a link besides here I’ll gladly give you access to the video I have. It basically is Smith blaming racsim for losing his job at UK. It played on tv stations throughout the south but not in Lexington. Why did he do that? I think the reason is obvious. He blamed everyone else for his failings. BTW people in Minnesota are coming to the exact same conclusions about Smith. I can prove that too but I won’t supply the link here. This story should be dead.

    Just out of curiosity why are you talking about me like I’m not here? And my comments ARE accurate. As for Smith doing nothing to bring disgrace to UK do you even remember Team Turmoil and Team Turmoil Two? The players obviously couldn’t get along and that’s disgraceful IMO. And it’s also the job of the coach to make sure it doesn’t happen.

    Larry I apologize for this post but my views are not based on anything except the facts I know and I think that needed to be pointed out. I will not discuss it further.

  13. gmoyers

    King, your opinions are always welcome just like Larry’s are. I think UK fans have a lot of varying memories and opinions of Tubby and there’s nothing wrong with that

  14. King Ghidora

    I know Larry. I just don’t want to beat a dead horse when so many good things are going on. The program has moved on and I want to as well.

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